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Buyer 101

We know the loan process can be a bit intimidating, so we put this flyer together to give you a little information about the process.

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Step One

Find lender & begin application process.


Complete Application

Your lender will have you fill out an application.


Allow Lender to Review

Your lender will the obtain all of the pertinent documentation to avoid unnecessary problems and delays.


Lender Verification

Within 24 hours of submitting your application, the lender will request documentation to verify the information provided.

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Step Two

Lender submits your application for approval


With documentation in place, the lender submits the application and documentation as a package to the underwriter.


The underwriter reviews the paperwork and makes a determination whether or not to grant the loan. Approval generally takes 24 to 72 hours. All parties involved are notified.

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Step Three

Application is approved and funded

Once the loan documents are signed, they are returned to the lender, who reviews the package.

If the loan documents pass final review, the loan funds are deposited with your escrow company.

When the escrow company receives funds from the lender, they authorize the title company to record the deed of trust at the County Recorder’s office.

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